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The costs of buying a property in the Costa del Sol?

When buying a property in Spain, first of all and in order to identify our costs, we will need to differentiate between buying from a developer or buying from a private individual. In this case, we analyse a buying operation without mortgage
There are many costs that will remain the same whether buying from a private owner or from a developer/bank, […]

The Land Registry in Spain

In Spain any deed, agreement or judicial resolution affecting a property or a right on real estate possession or ownership must be registered at the Official Land Registry (Registro de la Propiedad). Also some judicial resolutions related to a person’s capacity to act must also be presented before the Registry.
The main purpose of that obligation of registration is that any person interested […]

The Land Registry in Spain (II)

Many foreigners consider Spain a good destination to purchase a real estate, whether to live here or get some sort of financial gain. In our earlier post concerning to the Land Registry in Spain, we talked about the importance of this body and what are the acts that have to be registered in it.
On this post we will focus on the principles of the Spanish Land Registry and some comparisons […]

Changes in the governing law to inheritance in the European Union

In 2015 the European regulation 650/2012 had come into force, which implies an important change on successions for foreigners living in Spain and spaniards living abroad.
If you are part of one of those groups and you have ever wondered how your succession will be regulated when you die, you have probably heard the applicable law to your inheritance is the law […]

How to claim unpaid invoices (part II)

In our previous post, “How to claim unpaid invoices?” we set forth the fastest and most efficient formula that we have until now, to claim unpaid invoices, which consists in a special judicial procedure called “procedimiento monitorio” (payment proceedings), whereby, after starting legal action against the defendant, if the debtor does neither pay nor object to the lawsuit, a writ […]

How to prove a fall in the street in order to claim

There is a general principle of not causing harm to another, under Spanish Law; thus, when a natural person or a legal entity causes damage to another, the responsibility of repairing this damage arises, and the person who had suffered the harm has to be financially compensated by the one who caused it (art. 1902 of Spanish Civil Code). In […]

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