Luis Manuel Ortiz Tello | LAWYER

Luis Manuel Ortiz Tello Lawyer

Luis Manuel Ortiz Tello | LAWYER

PRACTICE AREAS: Civil and employment law.

EXPERIENCE: Fifteen years of experience working on extrajudicial legal advice and legal assistance in employment law, corporate law, conveyancing and tort law.

UNIVERSITY EDUCATION: He holds the following degree qualifications:

  • University degree in Law, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).
  • University degree in Labour Studies, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Labour Relations, Universidad de Málaga (UMA).

POSTGRADUATE STUDIES: Master’s degree in Occupational Risk Prevention, with expertise in Health and Safety at work.

ADDITIONAL TRAINING: He participates annually in numerous conferences and seminars in order to improve and update his knowledge.


  • Registered at the Malaga Bar Association, member nº 8,341.
  • Registered at the Employment Law experts Professional Association of Malaga and Melilla, member 1,274.
  • Labour auditor of the Spanish General Council of Employment Law experts Professional Associations.
  • Member of the Spanish National Labour Lawyers Association.

LANGUAGES: Spanish and English (with specialised courses in Legal and Business English).